The Temple of literature Hanoi or the first university in Vietnam.

Temple of Literature is located in the heart of the capital Hanoi, and considered the first university in Vietnam. From the beginning, the school has been gathered a lot of talented students who laterly contribute their effort to the development of country. Currently Temple of Literature is still the attractive destination for tourists by it's unique and impressive architecture.

Temple of Literature (or first university) has undergon many changes, up and down of history, but still retains the traditional beauty. Temple of Literature is located in the south of Thang Long citadel. This university had been during the period from 1076 until 1820, and trained many talents for the country.

Temple consists of two main sites which are Confucius temple,  Chu Van An, the first teacher of the school.
At beginning the Temple of Literature was study place for the princes. It was later extended to talented people in the country. The university has an area of 54 331 m2 including Lake Van and Giam garden.

Upon entering the Temple of Literature, visitors will come to the main entrance with Van Mieu Mon letters on top. On two sides, there are two stone dragons dated back to Le dynasty. The second area is the Khue Van that was built in 1805 with 2 floors, spacious 8 roofs. The next one is stele  garden with 82 steles recording all names of doctors who passed royal exams.
The last yard is University where students studied and discuss about literature.

Nowadays Temple of Literature is not only popular tourist destination but also place for us to learn more about country history and education in the past.

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