Where should you go after having successful meeting with your business partner in Hanoi. There are abundance of choice that Vietindo Travel can bring it to you. They are 2 day cruise Halong Bay, a visit to traditional villages, walking and visit Hanoi city, playing golf in outskirt of Hanoi where has beautiful landscape. Let’s Vietindo Travel takes care of your business trip in Vietnam.

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival (-/-/D)
Day 2: Meeting with partners in Hanoi (B/L/-)
Day 3: Visit Factory outside Hanoi (B/L/D)
Day 4: Play Golf outside Hanoi (B/L/D)
Day 5: Hanoi – Halong Bay on Cruise (B/L/D)
Day 6: Halong – Hanoi (B/L/D)
Day 7: Departure (B/-/-)

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Ha Giang in Gold Season of Rice Harvest

Ha Giang province becomes more attractive by the end of Autumn, October. It is the time for ethnic groups to harvest rice paddy. You can have wonderful photos of  terrace rice fields like endless yellow carpet here.

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in North East Vietnam, dotted by marvelous valleys, rivers, and terrace rice fields become National Heritage that is the great work of the locals of Tay, Nung, Dzao, H’mong… by passing time.

Domestic and International tourist love to explore landscape of Ha Giang in cool and sunny Autumn. Homestay is a good choice for Ha Giang travel. We stay in local traditional house and learn more about their culture.

Terrace rice fields are not only at Hoang Su Phi District but also right in the suburb of Ha Giang city, about 300 km from Hanoi capital city. 



Cuc Phuong National Park is about 120 km from Hanoi city, located in Nho Quan District – Ninh Binh province. You can buy day trip from Hanoi or you can combine 2 day trip including visit Tam Coc and Hoa Lu former citadel. Stay overnight in Ninh Binh city or Tam Coc. You can follow short or long trekking tour in the forest of Cuc Phuong.

The Park was listed as National Park in 1962. It is home to pre-historic men dated back to 7000-12000 years. Artifacts were found in caves here including human graves, stone axes, pointed bone spears, oyster shell knives, and tools for grinding.

Cuc Phuong National Park is covered an area of 22,000 ha of humid tropical montagne forest. It is home to an estimated 2000 species of flora, 117 mammal, 307 bird species and 110 reptiles. The park consists of karst mountain and lush valley. The highest peak is 650 m high. 



Far North East was the affectionate name used before the August revolution, in 1945, to designate the Northern mountainous area of Vietnam where the Ngan Son mountain peaks reach the height of 2000 meter above sea level.

The remote North East that shares border with China, presents unspoiled landscape of rocky cliffs, numerous caves, rivers and streams.

Many ethnic groups inhabit this isolated area of North East. They are possessors of a tremendous folk heritage made of hundreds of myths, legends, and narrtives in verses. Their songs and music are closely linked to the spiritual lives of these populations.

We will visit the following provinces in the Far North East Vietnam; Cao Bang, Lang Son, Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Ha Giang, and Tuyen Quang.



The dish of bamboo shoots cooked with pig ribs is very popular food during the Tet or traditional New Year in Vietnam. It takes time to prepare and cook the food as well as choosing the best ingredients. The food is more delicious when it is hot. Here, the following, is the way how we cook this dish.

Clean dried bamboo shoots, soak in water for 2-3 days (Remember to daily alter water), remove old parts, and then slice bamboo shoots.

Boil dried bamboo shoots with much water until water does not have brown color of bamboo shoots. After that, clean boiled bamboo shoots again.

Clean, chop ribs and pig leg into 3cm pieces then boil them. Take them out, clean again before putting into pot to stew for 1 hour. Skim off foam to have clean broth.

Heat two teaspoons of cooking oil, put dried bamboo shoots into pot, add two teaspoons of fish sauce, a teaspoon of salt, a little bit of pepper and cook for 5 minutes.

Put all above bamboo shoots into stewing pot of pork ribs, pig leg. Then continue stewing until bamboo shoots, ribs and pig leg are soft. Add spices following your favor such as pepper, chili, green leaves of onion, coriander….


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