Phong Tho market is held at Phong Tho District town in Lai Chau province.

It is daily market and busy in the morning. The market is the place for exchange many kinds of assential goods like food, clothing, local rice wine, animals…

Especially the market is colorful by costumes of many ethnic groups like Nhang, Lao, Ha Nhi, U Ni, Black Dzao, Flower H’Mong…



Nasan airport is a short distance from the road number 6 and about 18 km from Son La city. It was built by French army in early 1950s and soon become the target of battle field between French and Viet Minh forces in 1952.

By the time of writing Na San airport is no longer used for quite limited visitors.

Commander in chief of French army in Indochina, Salan, decided to build Na San airport in October in 1952 in order to stop Viet Minh force moving to this area.

Na San was encircled by Viet Minh till French army led by General Henri Navarre sesolved abandon both Na San and nearby colonial government headquarters in Son La, moving his troops to Dien Bien Phu, 180 km from Son La.



Moc Chau is a district in Son La province, about 200 km from Hanoi city. Before we get there we can stop to have cruise along Da reservoir, visit Mai Chau valley where the white Thai ethnic people live.

Moc Chau is located on a high plateau where is famous for green tea planting and processing. Moc Chau is still 120 km from Son La city, the head quarter of the province. Beside green tea the district of Moc Chau is also well-known by dairy products.

The beauty of this plateau is marked by green tea planation, peach and plum trees and blosooms, romantic suspension bridges on streams, houses on stilts of Black Thai ethnic group.

The Thai stsill wear their owned traditional costume of black skirts and trousers, white shirts with buttons shaped spider made of silver. Women wear black headscarfs embroided with beautiful paterns.

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The Sunday market of Bac Ha is held on every sunday right in the center of Bac Ha district town. Bac Ha town is 65 km from Lao Cai city, 100 km from Sapa tourist town so that you should combine tour Sapa and Bac Ha at the weekend.

Sunday market of Bac Ha is not only the occasion for the ethnic groups exchange goods but the nice time for friend and relatives meeting after one week staying apart.

Bac Ha market is the largest local market in North West Vietnam. Local people and tourists can find so many things here such as sovernirs, clothing, animals, food, local farm products, home made wine...

It is colorful market filled with traditional dresses from different ethnic groups. The market is also the  meeting place for young boys and girls, then may become couple even husband and wife. Bac Ha local market is must-visit place when you wish to discover cultute of H'mong ethnic people.

The market is comleted by 12 noon, then people go home and gather in coming sunday. If you stay one night in Bac Ha town you should take 2 hour walk to visit Ban Pho village where is home to H'mong people. Take photo of beautiful mountain village and make interaction with the locals.

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Pac Bo is a small village in Ha Quang District, Cao Bang province, 350 km from Hanoi and 55 km from Cao Bang city. The province of Cao Bang shares border with China, and is located in the North East Vietnam.

The famous cave named Coc Bo is the place President Ho Chi Minh established his residence and worked on Vietnam’s revolutionary course. President Ho Chi Minh return Vietnam in 1941, after 30 years living abroad.

Around this place, Ho Chi Minh President named a Mountain Karl Mark, and a stream Lenin. In Khuoi Nam, 1000 m from Coc Bo cave, the President presided over 8th session of Indochina Communist Party (now Vietnam Communist Party) conference in May 1941. This place becomes popular historical site for tourism nowadays. 



Pu Luong is in Thanh Hoa Province, about 170 km from Hanoi city. The valley and mountainous area is Nature Reserve. It is home to ethnic Thai people. The peaceful life in here is contrast to life in city.

Thai people plant rice in the valley and form the landscape of terrace rice fields. They built their house on wooden stilts and well preserve their beautiful tradition. It is fantastic to have home stay tour at Pu Luong to experience how Thai ethnic people live.

Walking along the valley of Pu Luong we enjoy the landscape of endless mountain, forest sounds, water wheel made of bamboo, people weaving clothes, plant or harvest paddy, grazing water buffalo….

Food cooked by Thai people is sumptuous with traditional ingredients and planted in organic ways. Vegetables and meat are bamboo shoot, pumpkin leaf, mint leaf, corn, green and black beans, spinach, sweet potato, squad leaf, grilled pork on charcoal, grilled fish inside banana leaf… Nice and tasty rice wine drunken with bamboo rods is highly recommended to be tasted.

Traditional music and dance with bamboo poles is amazing way to have interaction between guests and the locals after your dinner when home stay here.



Come to visit Danang city you should not miss to check-in at Dragon Bridge, Love lock bridge, and enjoy coco-coffee by Bach Dang road overlooking to the river.

Danang is famous for beach holiday. From this city you can go around to explore world Heritage sites like ancient town of Hoian, Hue citadel city, and My Son Holly land in Quang Nam province.

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Sin Ho is one of remote district in North West Vietnam where still remains undiscovered secrets. Ethnic people gather in the market once a week on Sunday. It is spectacular market for ethnic groups like Red H’Mong, White H’mong, Flower H’mong, Black Dzao, and Lu.

Gathering at the weekend market is an important social occasion for them. After their trading transactions, the men gather around the pan of Thang Co – a specialty of the region made from horse meat, entrails and blood – drinking rice wine and making friend. Women have the chance to talk and sharing family stories while being buy and sell homemade products.

The Distance Hanoi and Sin Ho district is about 500 km. You should take tour around the mountainous North West loop of 7 days including Hoa Binh, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Bac Ha, Lao Cai, Yen Bai…



Phat Tich Pagoda was built between the 7th and 10th centuries by the mountainside of Phat Tich, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh province.

A large scale restoration was carried out in 1057 under Ly Dynasty. King Ly Thanh Tong ordered to build a tower for valuables and he had a gold – inlaid – statute cast. By the passing time the pagoda was heavily damaged, especially in 1947. It was restored in 1991 as it’s original design. Some valued ancient relics are preserved in pagoda such as the statute of Amitabha Buddha on a 1.87 high lotus pedestal carved out of blue stone, a tower garden, and a stone board engraved with images of musician and dancing girls.

On 25 September 2010, a giant Buddha statute based on model of Amitabha Buddha inaugurated on the peak of Phat Tich mountain. The statute is 27 m high and weighs 3,000 tons, one of the largest stone statutes in South East Asia.

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Hoa Binh Hydro Electric Power Station

The power station of Hoa Binh was constructed between 1979-1994 with assistance from Soviet Union. The place is worthy to visit in Hoa Binh province. The plant blocks water from Da river, 80 km from Hanoi city.

The power plant stands inside the mountain and has 8 generators in which each has capacity of 240,000 KW.

From the top of the dam we can see a memorial site on the left, which remembers the 151 Vietnamese and 10 Russians who sacrified during 15 year construction period.

After visit the power plant of Hoa Binh we should explore Da river by boat combining the visit to Muong ethnic villages along the reservor that floods the vast valley of about 200 km.


Pu Vap (Muong Lay – Dien Bien) is situated at the elevation of 1,100 m above the sea level, stretching along narrow valley encircled Da river, Nam Na river, and Nam Lay stream. Pu Vap is completely able to become one of the best mountain resorts in Vietnam.

According to Thai ethnic people, Pu Vap means the highest mount in the West. It is surrounded by high mountain and river. This point is ideal place for viewing surrounding mountain landscape, especially when the sun rises. Once, in 1948, Pu Vap was settled by French as a summer resort for French army officers to stay away from humid days in low land.

The remaining vestiges of the mountain resort are 2 ruin buildings, one km apart from each other. It was said that there used to be a military airport stayed between 2 these buildings. Rarely can be found a place like Pu Vap in North West Vietnam, where we enjoy wonderful surrounding scenery and cool air as well as typical local culture of ethnic groups like Thai and H’Mong. Visit Pu Vap help you enjoy your life in peaceful atmosphere, mingle with charming nature, and can put all worries behind.

Along the trail leading to Pu Vap PEAK, we will move through 2 H’mong hamlets that belong to Nam Can village. People here are so friendly and welcome you with great hospitality. The culture is remain intact that reflects on their beautiful costumes.


Explore Bai Tu Long Bay is ideal way to experience the natural beauty of majestic Halong and local life as well as doing water activities like kayaking, swimming, climbing mountain, and having luxury cruise service.

Day 1: Hanoi – Halong Bay
8:00 AM pick up at your hotel in Hanoi, transfer to Halong via the huge Red River Delta. Upon arrival board on cruise and get welcome drink. Check-in cabin. Have sumptuous seafood lunch while cruise through amazing lime stone islets in the world heritage site in Bai Tu Long Bay.
15:00 arrive at Vung Dang – Cong Dam area. Relax or swim at white sandy beach, kayak around mystery karsts islets. Go back to cruise you can relax in the mineral sea water pool, fitness center, or use Spa and service before dinner.
Free time after dinner. Chat with crew team, drink, watch movies, or relax on sundeck. (-/L/D)

Day 2: Halong – Hanoi
Start the day with taichi practice on sundeck and enjoy fresh morning air in Halong. Have light breakfast with tea, coffee, cake, and fruit.
8:00 AM cruise to Cong Do to explore well – hidden Thien Canh Son cave. 10:00 AM check out the cabin then we have buffet brunch. Arrive the harbor at 11:30. Get on the bus and go back to Hanoi. On the way we stop to have short break at Yen Duc traditional village. Enjoy the water puppet there. Arrive Hanoi at around 17:00 PM. (B/L/-)



Thank all our beloved High school classmates for joining Ninh Binh trip today, by the end of lovely Autumn. The weather is cool and dry, so nice for cycling and walking activities to explore the area named Halong Bay inland including Tam Coc, Bich Dong pagoda, and Thung Nham eco park.

The class reunion brings our memory back to the sweet time of 26 years ago when we were in the High School of Tu Son. Time has flied fast, just like the blink of an eye but not so important because it is the rule of nature. We can not change it. The important is that how we can create and highlight the beautiful moments in our life.

Love you all my friends.
Tony Duc

Visit one of local market in Tuyen Quang province



A Palace Where Vietnam Soul Still Lives

 Only when you step in this Realm and begin to walk and merge into things that are visible here can you sense the wonder and profoundness of the Viet’s millennial life and culture.

It is a marvel that Thanh Chuong did not place all the priceless cultural relics in the same spot as people often do in most museums. 

Instead, he said them in a space, a natural environment and an installation artwork just like the life and culture of people a thousand years ago.

Things we contemplate or touch with our own hands as we do with our household objects are now returning to their ancient life.

To be more precise, the artist tried to revitalize the antiquities that date from hundred or thousand years and make them seemingly exhale life’s fresh, new and warm breath. 

There lie the marvelous of Thanh Chuong Viet Palace and the great talent and thoughts of its owner, artist Thanh Chuong.

-        Việt Phủ Thành Chương



Bana Hill is 25 km from Danang city, situated on the elevation of 1487 m above the sea level. It is famous hill resort in central Part of Vietnam. People get there by bus then cable car to reach the top.

Bana Hill is former French summer resort from early 20th century but has been extended and built since 2006. This is not only a luxury resort but also looks like a replica of a village in Europe.

We can get nice view of Danang Bay from the top of Bana hill.



Phu Tho province is former capital of Hung Kings dated back over 4000 years. Tour to Phu Tho starts from Hanoi city daily. We will visit Hung Kings Temple, Hung Kings Museum, traditional village of Hung Lo, and enjoy Xoan singing right in the village.

Hung dynasty is the first one in Vietnam. The people in Vietnam and oversea Vietnamese gather to pay respect to Hung Kings at Hung Temple on festival day, 10 March lunar calendar each year. This one day tour Hanoi-Phu Tho make the travel Hanoi and surroundings more diverse in aspects of culture, history, and sightseeing as well.



Young singers in Xoan singing group in Phu Tho province. In 2017, Xoan singing was listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

The art includes singing, dancing, drumming, and clapper beating. The Xoan is closely linked to the worship of the Hung Kings, a belief rooted in the ancestor worship practice of the Viet people. PhuTho Tourism.



The power plant is located on the Da river, Hoa Binh province. This electric power plant is the largest one in Vietnam, constructed with the assistance from former Soviet in 1979. The plant has 8 generators, each with a capacity of 240,000 KW.

Drive over 90 km from Hanoi city the trip bring us to Hoa Binh, the mountainous land and gate way to North West Vietnam. It is interesting to have a cruise trip along Da reservoir which is almost 200 km long. 

We have time to visit some islands and villages along the trip like Xanh and Ngoc islet, Ngoi Hoa and Ke villages. In here we can stay in the local house, learn fishing, rafting, trekking in forest, cutting bamboo shoots, weaving cloth, camping and joining traditional dance with them.



Dien Bien Phu is almost 500 km from Hanoi city in the mountainous area of North West. It is situated in Muong Thanh plains and surrounded by high mountains. Dien Bien Phu was once the location of the battlefield where historical combats between the Vietnamese People’s Army and the French Colonialists Expeditionary Corps took place.

The valley of Dien Bien Phu is 18 km long and 6-8 km wide. In November 1953, French paratroopers occupied the valley and built 49 strongholds in three sub-sections.

Hill A1: This stronghold is one of the most significant one valley controlling the whole battle of Dien Bien Phu. The hill lies on the direction of North West – South East with 2 peaks around 490 m high. On the night of 6 May 1954, Vietnamese soldiers won this decisive battle.

Muong Thanh Airfield: It was the stronghold 206 and central airport of Dien Bien Phu. Nowadays it is Dien Bien airport that is in the system of the Vietnam Civil Aviation.

The command bunker of De Castries: Commander De Castries worked and live inside the bunker that is 20m long and 8m wide surrounded by dense wire bars and 4 tanks. He was arrested here by a Vietnamese commander at 17h30 on 7 May 1954 and mark the end of the fierce fighting.  

Other Vestiges: Him Lam hill is situated on the North West of the valley where Vietnamese troops fought the first battle on 13 March 1954. Doc Lap Hill was liberated by Vietnamese Army on 15 March 1954. Hills C, D, and E are well preserved.

The commanding post for Vietnamese Army: The post is lied in the native forest at Muong Phang commune. There was a hut where General Vo Nguyen Giap, commander in chief, worked and other huts for information and military operation discussion. Nearby the General Giap’s hut is the observation spot where is over 1000m high and can control the whole view of Muong Thanh valley.

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