Visit Cat Cat village in Sapa town – Lao Cai province- Vietnam

Cat Cat village is situated in a nice valley with terrace rice field,just 2 km from Sapa town. The village is home to Black H’mong ethnic people, who still remain unique customs and practices.

Visitors have opportunity to enjoy beautiful picture of the valley and village such as yellow or green rice field, colorful brocade made by women. They use indigo leaves to dye clothes, then embroider lovely motifs. They also use wax to draw on the cloth to make the color more durable.

In addition they also master their owned technique of making silver jewelry. We can stop and look into their house for a visit and chatting with them. We are attracted by the custom of Pulling Wife in this community. A man can ask his friends to lure a girl he likes and bring her to his house for a stay of 3 days. During this time, if the girl agrees to become the boy’s wife, of cause a wedding would be held shortly after that. However, the girl can go home freely after 3 days if she doesn’t like the boy.

The house of the H’mong is one storey with 3 compartments and doors. The door in the middle is opened when the host holds an important family event. The house is built with pine wood panels including walls and roof. Walking around Cat Cat village is good value tour in Sapa town.


Making toy figurines from rice powder in outskirt Hanoi

A village named Xuan La in Hanoi where people still remain traditional job of making To He (or toy figurine) from rice powder.

Children love the toy figurines those are made from sticky rice powder, sugar, and food coloring. Few decades ago when there were not many choices from buying toys in local shops, our kids feel so excited with toy figurines as the gift given by their parents. 

Figurines may be a colorful flower, buffalo, rooster, respectful hero, pig, Aladdin, Doremon, monkey King, pigsy, and dragon fly….

History of making figurine in Xuan La village has been over 300 years. Craft men in Xuan La often travel from village to village and cities to sell these toys. They sit in the market or crowded areas like the lake, city parks to create figurines and sell them right away upon the audient’s request.

Nowadays you can see them making figurines by Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi city at the weekend. You can join and learn how to make it instead of travel far to their village like before. It is a beautiful aspect of authentic culture in Vietnam.


Tam Coc - Bich Dong full day tour from Hanoi

8:00 AM, after breakfast, pick up from your hotel by our guide and driver. Leave for Tam Coc - Ninh Binh province located in the Red River Delta, 110 km southward Hanoi capital.

10:00 AM arrive at Tam Coc that means three grottoes. Board on rowing boat for two hours and move along Ngo dong river to enjoy the wonderful landscape of lime stone mountains called Halong bay inland.

If you come here at right time, May or June, you would be amazed by the sea of yellow rice paddy fields on 2 sides of the water way. Our boat will move through 3 grottoes named Hang Ca with the length of 120 m, Hang Hai, and Hang Ba. The scenery is lovely and peaceful that helps you relax and enjoy life.

12h15 have lunch at a local restaurant, then proceed to Bich Dong pagoda isolatedly stays on a mount, 2 km away from Tam Coc. Bich Dong used to be ranked as the second most wonderful cave in the Sothern

There are three pagodas in this complex name Chùa Hạ - Chùa Trung – Chùa Thượng situated at 3 levels of the mountain. It takes you 15 minutes to climb up the third pagoda that lies on the top. From here you can take many nice photos of lime stone valley as well as the rice field.

 The pagoda was constructed in early 18th century. It is in harmony with romantic scenery of mountain, and river here. Once it was chosen for shooting a world movie named Indochine in 1991.

14h30 PM meet with the driver and transfer back to Hanoi. Arrive in Hanoi at around 17:00 PM. Tour ends in Hanoi.

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Climb up Titov Mountain and swim at the beach in Halong Bay

Titov island is about 8 km from Tuan Chau boat wharf, where has beautiful natural beach with soft sand. The beach shapes a sickle and is encircled by tens of islands so that the wave here is always gentle. 

President Ho Chi Minh named the island Gherman Titov after the name of Russian astronaut who visited Halong Bay and the island in 1962.

You have the chances to kayak around the island, climb up the top of the mount for taking photo, have water skiing, and swimming here. It takes you 15 minutes to reach the top of the mount after climb over 400 steps. 

The reward you get are uniquely wonderful pictures of authentic Halong Bay, one of 7 nature wonders of the world. Travel to Vietnam you should not miss this tour.


Visit Hanoi Cathedral

The Cathedral situated at 40 Nha Chung street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
It is also known as Joseph’ cathedral and was built on the site of former Bao Thien tower, which was famous during Ly Dynasty in 11-13th century.

Hanoi Cathedral was inaugurated in 1886. The design of Hanoi Cathedral is similar to architecture of Notre –Dame Cathedral in Paris. The main construction material for building this Cathedral is brick and mortar. Style of the construction is Gothic influence. The length is 64,5 m and the width is 20,5 m. Two bell towers are 31,5 m high.

The Cathedral is open daily for mass from 5am-7am/ 5pm-7pm. You can combine walking around the Old quarter of Hanoi for sightseeing and shopping.



We are excited with half day walking tour around Hoian. It is spring in 2018, just after Lunar New Year here. While it is still cold in the North but Hoian is quite warm with sunshine. Our trip is around Indochina ( Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia) for 19 days.

Explore beautiful town of Hoian where still keeps cultural elements of Vietnam, China, and Japan. The town was listed as a world heritage site in 1999. Visit highlights in Hoian like Chinese Assembly Hall, Tan Ky old House,Japannese Covered bridge, Hoian Museum, Hoian market, The Tran family home andchapel.




Phu Quoc is famous for beach tourism in Southern Vietnam. The island is 45 km from Ha Tien town, Kien Giang province. You can take a flight from Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh city, or Hanoi to Phu Quoc.

Total area of Phu Quoc is about 589 sq km that is similar to Singapore’s. Besides green forest and mountain Phu Quoc is dotted by so beautiful beaches which are clean with white soft sand and gentle waves.

The tour activities in Phu Quoc are swimming, relax, cycling, kayaking…Phu Quoc is considered as the Pearl of Southern sea for it’s beach beauty. Normally we need 3-4 days to relax and tour in Phu Quoc Island

Some of the best Resorts in Phú Quốc are Bauhinia – My Place Siena Garden – Phú Vân Resort – Novotel – Tropicana – Sea Sand Phú Quốc – Eden Resort Phu Quoc – Saigon Phu Quoc – Faminia Resort – The shells Phu Quoc resort.


Trekking to Lang Biang mountain in Dalat

It is an outdoor activity that is quite interesting when you visit Dalat, the city of Spring and thousands of flower species. The mountain is 12 km from Dalat city center.

Two peaks of the Langbiang are 2167 m and 2287 m above sea level on Lam Vien Highland. The name of Langbiang was derived from a love story of  K'Lang and Ho Biang. From the top of the Langbiang you can get beautiful panoramic view of Landscape of Dalat.

Source: Internet

Activities are camping, explore natural flora, bird watching, trekking. It takes you 3 hours trekking to the top through pine forest. If you use jeep you need only 15 minutes to reach the peak. There are restaurants and coffee shops there.

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Green Tea Drink in Vietnam

Long time ago, green tea has been planted in Vietnam. The provinces that are famous for the tea are Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, Son La, Phu Tho, Lam Dong.

Green tea is not only daily drink for Vietnamese but also at all kinds of ceremony. It can be said that green tea drink is dear to the Vietnamese as coffee is to European people.

There are tea plants that have been over 300 years old growing on high mountainous areas. The farmers have to harvest tea at right time otherwise the leaves become old so the tea is less tasty. The tea leaves have been gone through 5 steps of procession of withering, crushing, keeping warm, drying over the fire, and selection.

Green tea is not only the healthy drink but also can help Vietnamese people to express their hospitality to their friends and neighbors when chatting together by tea pot. We can see many small tea shop along narrow streets in the old town of Hanoi. People like gathering  around tea shop on the street after breakfast and lunch.

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Hoa Lo Prison Museum

Hoa Lo Prison Museum is situated on the same name street.

It was constructed by French to imprison Vietnamese patriots during 1896 - 1954.
During the period of 1964 - 1973 the prison became the place to keep American pilots. The prison used to be known with the nick name of Hanoi Hilton.

The museum open daily from 8am - 11h30am/ 13h30 pm - 16h30 pm

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Duong Lam ancient village in Hanoi

The village of Duong Lam is about 50 km from the heart of Hanoi, where we still see lots of characteristics of traditional village in Vietnam that has communal house, old brick lanes, bamboo hedge, and traditional house of Viet people in the Red River Delta.

The village preserves over 300 old house aged from 100 – 400 years old. Life style here is still intact Vietnamese Culture.

Visit Duong Lam village you can do homestay, cycling, walking, learning how to cook Vietnamese food, and farming with the locals, ect.


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