Mai Chau is a district in mountainous province of Hoa Binh, 140 km South West Hanoi, gate way to huge mountain North West Vietnam.

From Thung Khe pass you can take photo of Mai Chau valleys dotted by district town, Van, Lac, Nhot, and Pom Coong villages with stilt houses hiden under green trees.

Mai Chau is home to Thai ethnic group, H'mong, Dzao, and Viet people. Thai people live in the house on stilts. Traditionally, there is fish pond under the house, or right behind it. Weaving loom for women is placed on ground floor. Besides farm work ( 2 rice farming seasons a year) the women here weave brocade, make bamboo baskets, and many other traditional products.

Lac Village in Mai Chau is one of the first village received tourists for homestay. Nowadays there are more village in further location do the same such as Van, Pom Coong, Xam Khoe...Home stay services includes staying on stilt house, hot water for shower, clean rest room, mosquito net, electric fan, traditional meals with rice wine, free bicycle, blanket, soft sleeper, Thai music dance upon request.

People here are quite friendly. You find it easy to make interaction with them on the trekking paths, in the market, at their house, or on rice paddy field. You can do trekking, cycling, or having a short walk around the village here with so pleasant feelings.

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