Thang long citadel in the past and charming and modern Hanoi nowadays.

In 1010, King Ly Thai To chosed Hanoi as the capital and named it Thang Long citadel with the desire for prosperity as Dragon soar. Nearly ten centuries have proved that his decision is wise. Thang Long in the past and today Hanoi  has always been the center of politics, economy, and culture of Vietnam unity.

In 1831 King Minh Mang of the Nguyen Dynasty renamed Thang Long become Ha Noi that has meaning as the city is surrounded by a river (Red river) inside the firtile Northern Delta. Many cultural vestiges of the land are recorded and exsist during periods of Ly, Tran, Le dynasties. Hanoi is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam nowadays.

Thang Long has favourable natural environmental factors shown in "changing capital city proclamation" of King Ly Cong Uan. With strategic vision, the young king realised that former Hoa Lu capital located  in mountainous areas where is so easy to defend but not the capital of a prosperous country in both national security and economy. He found  Dai La, Hanoi today, that  meet his needs. The image of a prosperous city appear extremely vivid: The land named Dai La in the middle of the  holy territory, with rolling up dragon, seated tiger formation surrounded by mountains and rivers from 4 directions. The land is quite flat and high so people will not be suffered from flooding. Truely this land will be the best for the capital city. When the king's boat reached Dai La, he saw a dragon flying up in the clouds so that's why he named the city Thang Long. That year was 1010.

Hanoi beauty is blend of classic and modern. It marked by tree lined street, hundreds of lakes, thousands of pagoda, Old town, French colonial buildings, new modern cities, and lots of daily traditional aspects of culture.

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