Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Central Vietnam Heritages. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Central Vietnam Heritages. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng


 According to magazine Travel + Leisure, 5 places in Vietnam have been chosen as top 10 in South East Asia. Top 3 cities are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, and Danang city. Islands Con Dao and Phu Quoc are recognized as top attractive islands in the region.

The ranking event is not only bringing the proud for Vietnam but promoting country's tourism also. 



Thien Cam beach is one of best famous beaches in central part of Vietnam. It is about 20 km South east Ha Tinh city, or 450 km from Hanoi capital city. Thien Cam means sky God's  Music instrument, for the wind blends with sea waves that create music sounds.

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The beach consists of 3 parts, of which the main best one is 3 km. The blue sea with white soft sand stretching 10 km is nice place for family holiday. Travel to Thien Cam beach by bus from North as well as South. 

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Son river is at Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park where is listed as one of World Natural Heritage Sites.

The upper section of Son river is almost 8,000 m, from Phong Nha cave which is the world longest water-way cave. Phong Nha - Ke Bang belongs to Quang Binh Province, central part of Vietnam, 550 km from Hanoi capital. The Son river looks so peaceful dotted by little villages, churches, and green vegetation along river bank.

It move around Ke Bang limestone mountain range smoothly. Son river meet Gianh River then flow to Vietnam Eastern Ocean. Cruise by boat for 45 mins before entering Phong Nha cave is the highlight when having homestay trip by the riverside.

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Tan Ky Old House in Hoian

 Come to visit Hoian ancient town, the world heritage site since 1999, you should not miss to stop at Tan Ky House that is over 200 years old. The house is situated at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, and the other side is overlooking to Thu Bon river.

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Tan Ky Old House is well preserved since the first generation till now the 8th generation. The location is right in the middle of business town, the front is a shop, and the back is the place of receiving goods from Thu Bon river.

The design of Tan Ky House is Japanese and Chinese influences. Japanese ceiling is formed crab shell supported by three beams in living room. Chinese poems written in mother of pearl are hanging from a number of columns that hold up the roof. 

                                                                                 Ảnh ST

Main materials of construction for the house are hard timber, Bat Trang bricks, yin and yang tiles. Inner decoration are wooden painting layered by mother pearl shell, lacquered paintings, ceramics, hard wood furniture in old style.

Ảnh sưu tầm

Air circulation in the house is perfect with wide opened doors and windows, opened yard in the middle of the house is not only for fresh air but also sun light. Vietindo Travel can advise the trip to visit Tan Ky house by half day walking tour Hoian.



How and where is Cat Ba island?
Cat Ba National Park, about 200 km2 large, and Lan Ha Bay are under management of Hai Phong city. Cat Ba National Park was established in 1986 by Government. It is about 30 miles from Hai Phong city, isolated by the sea.

The Park mainly consists of limestone mountains with grottoes, caves, and mini beaches with soft sand. The average height of mountains are from 50 – 200 meter in which the highest peak is 322m. Some caves on the island used to be home to pre-historic men dated back 6000- 7000 years such as Trung Trang cave.

The Park and surrounded islets are characterized by lovely natural scenery and abundant fauna and flora as well as sea resources. There are 620 species of plants, 32 species of mammals, 69 species of birds, and 20 species of reptiles and amphibians in the park. Especially there are endangered white headed Vooc, or a kind of monkey, listed in world natural red book.

Why come to and tour on Cat Ba island?
Cat Ba was recognized as World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
Lan Ha Bay covers the area of 7000 hectares, of which over 5400 hectares is managed by Cat Ba National Park. The Bay consists of approximately 400 limestone islets that create very gulf shaped bay. The area also divided into other small bays, lagoons. There are grottoes, caves with nice stalagmites and stalactites falling down. The bay is quite and also dotted by over hundred mini soft sand beaches  

Tourism and activities in Cat Ba National Park and Lan Ha Bay?
You can chose some meaningful activities when spending couple of days here such as swimming, kayaking, cruising around by wooden junk, cycling, trekking. There are many luxury cruises with comfortable accommodation arrange 2- 3 day tours in the area.

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Hoa Lu was capital of Vietnam in the 10th and 11 centuries. The district belongs to Ninh Binh province, 90 km in the South of Hanoi. Hoa Lu is one of very attractive destinations in Ninh Binh including Kim Son Catholic stone Church, Cuc Phuong National Pak, Trang An – Bai Dinh, Tam Coc – Bich Dong.

In 968 Dinh Bo Linh enthrone and took the name of King Dinh Tien Hoang. At that time the country was named Dai Co Viet and Hoa Lu was chosen as the capital (968 – 1009). In 1010, King Ly Thai To move the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long (today Hanoi)

The capital of Hoa Lu covered an area of 300 hectare, including Inner and Outer of citadel. The citadel was surrounded by thick and high earthen walls, limestone mounts and rivers that made enemy find hard to attack. Nowadays the citadel no longer exsist, just some vestiges left like Dinh and Le temples.



Sa Huynh Beach is situated about 60 km South of Quang Ngai city, in Duc Pho District. Sa Huynh used to be called Sa Hoang that mean Gold Sand.

Sa Huynh Beach is 6 km long shaped semi-moon. The best season to come for holiday is from April - September when the climate is quite warm. Sa Huynh is also popular for salt making region.

Quang Ngai province is located in the South central Vietnam, 1100 km from Hanoi capital city. We can reach Sa Huynh by air, bus, or train. Tour should be 4 days including Sa Huynh Beach and Ly Son Island.

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Come to visit Danang city you should not miss to check-in at Dragon Bridge, Love lock bridge, and enjoy coco-coffee by Bach Dang road overlooking to the river.

Danang is famous for beach holiday. From this city you can go around to explore world Heritage sites like ancient town of Hoian, Hue citadel city, and My Son Holly land in Quang Nam province.

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Vietnam lotus tea is a kind of special green tea that has been flavored with the scent of Lotus flower.
The tea leaves absorb the flower’s natural scent. It takes time and steps to make this tea.

-        Stuffing tea leaves into flower and leaving them overnight.
-        Pulling the entire stamen from the flower or just their anthers and then either.
-        Jar them overnight with the tea leaves with them.
-        Bake the tea leaves with them.

Lotus tea is often served hot so we could enjoy very attractive natural flavor of the flower.



We are excited with half day walking tour around Hoian. It is spring in 2018, just after Lunar New Year here. While it is still cold in the North but Hoian is quite warm with sunshine. Our trip is around Indochina ( Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia) for 19 days.

Explore beautiful town of Hoian where still keeps cultural elements of Vietnam, China, and Japan. The town was listed as a world heritage site in 1999. Visit highlights in Hoian like Chinese Assembly Hall, Tan Ky old House,Japannese Covered bridge, Hoian Museum, Hoian market, The Tran family home andchapel.



Perfume Pagoda Festival is held during the 6th day of the 1st Lunar month until the end of the 3rd lunar month. The festival is the longest one held in Vietnam.

During the Festival, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims arrive to admire the wonderful landscapes here with forest, mountains, river, caves, and traditional holy buildings. They pray Buddha and gods for good luck, wealth and happiness. On the boat or along the path to main pagoda the pilgrims say greetings “A Di Da Phat” or “Namo Amitabha Buddha”. It is more crowded by weekend and 1st or 15th day lunar month.

The wonderful complex of Perfume Pagoda was from 17th century and registered as National Heritage from 1962. Some of the best well-known temples are Den Trinh temple, Thien Tru Pagoda, Giai Oan Pagoda, and Huong Tich Pagoda. Tour Perfume Pagoda Festival starts at Ben Duc boat walf, then rowalong Yen river to the foot of mountain. From here you can hike up to Huong Tich Pagoda or choose cable car.



Hue city is located in central Vietnam, about 700 km south ward Hanoi. Hue was listed one of World Cultural Heritage in 1993, the first one in Vietnam. The city was capital of Vietnam from 1802 - 1945 under the rule of 13 Kings, during Nguyen Dynasty, the last feudal regime in this country.

It took 27 years to finish the construction of Citadel city. Hue Imperial City was planned on the Northern bank of the Perfume River, faces the south, with a area of 520 hectares. Citadel, buildings inside, and the Forbidden City overlook to the south. This means (Feng shui ) the preferable seat for the King to rule the whole country smoothly.

Circumference of Hue citadel is nearly 10 km, 6.6 m high, and 21 m thick placed by  cannons on it. The citadel was surrounded by deep moats and canals that not only defend the city but also good for water transportation.

Inside the Citadel are houses for city people and the officials. The most important part is in the Imperial city where the king and his royal family live and work. Imperial city was built in 1804, completed during the time of King Minh Mang in 1833. There are more than 100 constructions inside. The Imperial city has four gates including main gate name Ngo Mon heading to the South.  Ngo Mon. Inside is Thai Hoa Palace, where the enthrone and conduct official meetings; area of the shrines; and Forbidden purple City - where the king work and rest.

Besides fancy imperial city the Nguyen Kings also took years to find and built large tomb complex as the  final resting place for them. The construction of each tomb is very meticulous and built while the king alive. There are 8 royal tombs in Hue.

You need at least 2 days to explore Hue city. You can take flights or night train or buses from both Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city to get there. Quite easy. Highlights for visit are Citadel and forbidden purple city, Tombs of Tu Duc, Minh Mang, and Khai Dinh, Tiger fighting arena, Nine Dynastic Urns, Thai Hoa (Palace of Supreme Harmony) Palace, Ngo Mon Gate, Hue Garden houses in outskirt, Thien Mu pagoda, Cruise along Perfume river and enjoy royal music...



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