Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Vietnam Today. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Vietnam Today. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

How to cross street in Vietnam

 There are cities in Vietnam with busy traffic like Hanoi capital, Ho Chi Minh city. In Hanoi there are almost 6 million motorbike and over 7 hundred thousand cars (census 2019) so that traffic jam happens at main street intersections.

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For Vietnamese people they get used to crossing busy traffic streets but for foreign tourists you should know how to do.

It is the best advice that you you cross the street at the intersection when the traffic light turns green. You can follow the locals when they do cross the street, Vietnamese people are friendly. Make a sign by putting your arm in the air to make you more visible to the traffic. 

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If you cross the street outside the intersection you pay attention to left and right side first till feel safe then should walk ahead slowly but steady, not turn back, then the traffic flow will move around you. 

Don't be worry or afraid when crossing street in Vietnam. You will be familiar to it quickly. Happy traveling in our beautiful country. 


Rural Life at a village outside Hanoi

Minh Kha village at Thanh Oai district,Hanoi, looks clean, fresh, and attractive with paintings on walls along village lanes.

Villagers contribute their works and materials to keep lanes clean, beautiful by planting flowers, cleaning lanes on Monday, Friday, and Sunday...

The relation among village members become better and tight through community works that help to build it a cultural village.

Source: hanoimoi.com.vn


Brocade knitting village of Cham people

Brocade weaving of Cham community being gathered mainly at Phan Hoa and Phan Thanh communes in Bac Binh district, 80 km away from Phan Thiet city northward. According to legend, the mother of Polnu Nagar taught Cham women how to weave to honor beauty. 

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The book "Van Dai Loai Ngu" of Le Quy Don wrote that "At Lam Ap there is Cat Boi tree whose flowers like goose feathers. Thread drawn from these flowers are used to embroider scarves, costumes with images of Cham dragons and Garuda birds to serve the King and court". Currently, brocade weaving village of Phan Hoa still maintain wooden weaving frame by rosewood made hundreds of years ago.

Wanting to create models of patterns the skilled artisan can catch the flakes with stylized motifs of cultural identity of Cham. From four traditional patterns: green, yellow, white, and black on red background, the artisans can create many kinds of products like handbags, wallets, scarf, belt matching to the needs of tourists and consumers.  

Binh Thuan Tourism



The dish of bamboo shoots cooked with pig ribs is very popular food during the Tet or traditional New Year in Vietnam. It takes time to prepare and cook the food as well as choosing the best ingredients. The food is more delicious when it is hot. Here, the following, is the way how we cook this dish.

Clean dried bamboo shoots, soak in water for 2-3 days (Remember to daily alter water), remove old parts, and then slice bamboo shoots.

Boil dried bamboo shoots with much water until water does not have brown color of bamboo shoots. After that, clean boiled bamboo shoots again.

Clean, chop ribs and pig leg into 3cm pieces then boil them. Take them out, clean again before putting into pot to stew for 1 hour. Skim off foam to have clean broth.

Heat two teaspoons of cooking oil, put dried bamboo shoots into pot, add two teaspoons of fish sauce, a teaspoon of salt, a little bit of pepper and cook for 5 minutes.

Put all above bamboo shoots into stewing pot of pork ribs, pig leg. Then continue stewing until bamboo shoots, ribs and pig leg are soft. Add spices following your favor such as pepper, chili, green leaves of onion, coriander….



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