In the heart of every Vietnamese people, the beauty of lotus flower is noble, pure, and the symbol for national flower.

The flower can be gift for your mom, sister, or a woman whom you respect. This kind of flower originated from Asia long time ago and plays an important role in the culture of Buddhism. The lotus grow and live in mud but reach out of mud toward the sun without muddy polluted. Like a person who is born and lives in this world but can escape from greed, deep anger, and lust contaminated by the flow of life.
Lotus is well suited to tropical climate in Vietnam, blooms in summer time. It is also the symbol of Summer (one of 4 seasons in Vietnam).

According to Buddhism, Lotus (or Hoa Sen in Vietnamese) symbolizes the moral values, the purity and holiness, the existence and development of Buddhism, the wisdom that leads to Nirvana, and the clarity and liberation from the mud.
Lotus scent is mildly perfumed, and has many uses such as element for nutritious food and herb, and making lotus tea, ect.

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