After hard working hours in Hanoi what would you like to do? for me, I like to spend the lazy time in a quiet cafe in Old town here. Cộng cafe is one of my best favourite one. I did see the first Cộng cafe several years ago but from outside and I thought Oh, a new cafe, another normal one. But my thinking was wrong when I came in for a cup of coffee in Cong one morning.

I changed my thought when having time for coffee here. I discover the life style of a Hanoi family dated back to 70s and 80s of 20th century. All are humble but beautiful. An authentic Hanoi of 1970-1980s.

The first Cong cafe was open in 2007 on a small street in Hanoi. The biz idea from a singer named Linh Dung, born in 1975, who witness a difficult Hanoi during that time. Most of the things decorated inside are selected from old ones.

Until now,2016, there are more than 10 Cong cafe in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. From difficult time she could not imagine Cong cafe becomes famous franchise of cafe with 100% Vietnamese owned brand.

Come and enjoy a delicious taste of Hanoi cafe and see a Hanoi in the past time. Staff here are friendly and attentive.


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