Duong Lam is a commune in Son Tay city, 50 km from Hanoi. Duong Lam became the first ancient village  in Vietnam recognized as national cultural and historic relics on May 19, 2006.

Today, Duong Lam village retains most of the basic characteristics of the Vietnamese village, for example; village gate, banyan trees, water well, communal house, pagoda, temple. Lanes structure in Duong Lam is very unique because they are shaped fish bone frame. With this structure, if start going away from communal house people are not against their back to the Holy gate

One special thing is Duong Lam still preserves and ancient village entance gate in the village of Mong Phu, that differs from other ones in Northern Vietnam. The communal house was built in 1684 and  is typical for traditional Vietnamese communal house. The yard is lower then surrounding so when it rains, the water flows into the yard and then escaped in two drains in the form of two beards of dragon.

 Duong Lam has 956 traditional houses in which many of them were built long time ago (1649, 1703, 1850 ...). Characteristic of traditional old houses here are all built from bee net shaped stone bricks.

Famous cultural relics in Duong Lam are Mong Phu communal house, Mia pagoda that wellknown for 287 statues of Buddha including 6 bronze ones, 107 wooden statues and 174 earthern ones.

One day trip there is a good idea. You can cycle here then have luch with village specialties.

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