Do you know the meaning of Ngoc Son? It means Temple of Jade Mountain that situates on a small island in the northern side of Hoan Kiem Lake connected to lake shore by red elegant bridge name The Huc.The temple is dedicated to General Tran Hung Dao who defeated Mongols in the 13th century, Van Xuong saint (the saint of literature).

Pen tower
On Ngoc Boi mountain, scholar Nguyen Van Sieu built a stone tower shaped up-side-down paint brush with 3 three carved words "Ta Thanh Thien" (written on blue sky).

Dai Nghien (ink stone bow)
Next yard is entrance gate that has  ink stone bow shaping a half peach caried by 3 frog team, with teams. On two sides by entrance gate are motifs dragon and tiger that symbolize the noble men who passed exam.

The Huc Bridge
The Huc bridge means beautiful sun light place. The bridge leads to Ngoc Son Temple Gate.

Dac Nguyet Lau (Pavillion receves moon light)
The pavillion is hided under tree shade of banyan

Ngoc Son temple
The main temple consists of two connected buidings worshipping General Tran Hung Dao and Van Xuong Saint (Saint of Literature)

Tran Ba Pavillion
The Pavillion was built with the meaning of preventation spoiled currents of culture during that time.

The Sains, hero, and Buddha worshiped in temples represents three religions co-existing in the mind of Vienamese people.


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