Sa Pa is a town in North West highland, and is a famous sumer resort in Lao Cai Province, Vietnam. It has many wonders of natural mountainous landscape that looks like a harmonious painting with romantic scenery.

Sapa is situated on the elevation of 1500 - 1650 m above the sea level. From the town we can see beautiful view of Ngoi Dum and Muong Hoa valleys. The town is around 350 km from Hanoi. Tourists can get there by night train (9 hours) or bus on high way( 6 hours).

Sapa has temperate climate so it is cool all year round. The winter, Nov - Feb, is quite cold, and sometimes there is snow. Sapa is home to several ethnic minority like H'mong, Zay, Tay, Red Dzao, Viet. At the weekend they, in traditional costume, gather in local market for exchange homemade goods. Besides goods market at daytime this place is also love market where the boys have opportunity to find them suitable girl friends on Saturday night.

In winter 1903, while conducting mapping measurement, the expedition group of the geographical Department of Indochina  discovered Sa Pa village. This event marked the birth of Sapa town. In 1905, the French had collected the first information about the geography, climate, and vegetation ... Sapa began to be known as the cool air place, the fresh and beautiful scenery. In 1909, a resort was built . In 1917, a travel agency was established in Sa Pa, and a year later the French began constructed  the first villas. In 1920, the railway Hanoi - Lao Cai was completed. Sa Pa was considered the summer capital of North Vietnam. In total, the French had built in Sapa nearly 300 villas.

Sapa name is derived from SAPA  or "sandy beach"  where became local marketplace.
In here, French had built hydro power plant, water station, and administrative offices especially more than 200 Western-style villas in the town center. The town and it's villas were located in the middle of pine forest  so it looked like an european city.

Sapa has many natural beauty such as the Silver waterfall, about 200 meters high, Cau May bridge, Cloudy gate to heaven, Fansipan peak with the height of 3143m, Bamboo forest, dynamic Ta Phin cave, Muong Hoa valley, Lao Chai Ta Van valley. Ham Rong peak is the place for  a lot of flowers especially orchid garden.

Sa Pa is the kingdom of fruits and flowers such as peach blossom, roses, peach fruit, plum, pear, chrysanthemums, flowers. Besides that dozen kinds of temperate vegetables planted here such as cabbage, kohlrabi, potato, carrot, and tomato.

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