Phong Tho market is held at Phong Tho District town in Lai Chau province.

It is daily market and busy in the morning. The market is the place for exchange many kinds of assential goods like food, clothing, local rice wine, animals…

Especially the market is colorful by costumes of many ethnic groups like Nhang, Lao, Ha Nhi, U Ni, Black Dzao, Flower H’Mong…



Nasan airport is a short distance from the road number 6 and about 18 km from Son La city. It was built by French army in early 1950s and soon become the target of battle field between French and Viet Minh forces in 1952.

By the time of writing Na San airport is no longer used for quite limited visitors.

Commander in chief of French army in Indochina, Salan, decided to build Na San airport in October in 1952 in order to stop Viet Minh force moving to this area.

Na San was encircled by Viet Minh till French army led by General Henri Navarre sesolved abandon both Na San and nearby colonial government headquarters in Son La, moving his troops to Dien Bien Phu, 180 km from Son La.



Moc Chau is a district in Son La province, about 200 km from Hanoi city. Before we get there we can stop to have cruise along Da reservoir, visit Mai Chau valley where the white Thai ethnic people live.

Moc Chau is located on a high plateau where is famous for green tea planting and processing. Moc Chau is still 120 km from Son La city, the head quarter of the province. Beside green tea the district of Moc Chau is also well-known by dairy products.

The beauty of this plateau is marked by green tea planation, peach and plum trees and blosooms, romantic suspension bridges on streams, houses on stilts of Black Thai ethnic group.

The Thai stsill wear their owned traditional costume of black skirts and trousers, white shirts with buttons shaped spider made of silver. Women wear black headscarfs embroided with beautiful paterns.

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The Sunday market of Bac Ha is held on every sunday right in the center of Bac Ha district town. Bac Ha town is 65 km from Lao Cai city, 100 km from Sapa tourist town so that you should combine tour Sapa and Bac Ha at the weekend.

Sunday market of Bac Ha is not only the occasion for the ethnic groups exchange goods but the nice time for friend and relatives meeting after one week staying apart.

Bac Ha market is the largest local market in North West Vietnam. Local people and tourists can find so many things here such as sovernirs, clothing, animals, food, local farm products, home made wine...

It is colorful market filled with traditional dresses from different ethnic groups. The market is also the  meeting place for young boys and girls, then may become couple even husband and wife. Bac Ha local market is must-visit place when you wish to discover cultute of H'mong ethnic people.

The market is comleted by 12 noon, then people go home and gather in coming sunday. If you stay one night in Bac Ha town you should take 2 hour walk to visit Ban Pho village where is home to H'mong people. Take photo of beautiful mountain village and make interaction with the locals.

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Pac Bo is a small village in Ha Quang District, Cao Bang province, 350 km from Hanoi and 55 km from Cao Bang city. The province of Cao Bang shares border with China, and is located in the North East Vietnam.

The famous cave named Coc Bo is the place President Ho Chi Minh established his residence and worked on Vietnam’s revolutionary course. President Ho Chi Minh return Vietnam in 1941, after 30 years living abroad.

Around this place, Ho Chi Minh President named a Mountain Karl Mark, and a stream Lenin. In Khuoi Nam, 1000 m from Coc Bo cave, the President presided over 8th session of Indochina Communist Party (now Vietnam Communist Party) conference in May 1941. This place becomes popular historical site for tourism nowadays. 



Pu Luong is in Thanh Hoa Province, about 170 km from Hanoi city. The valley and mountainous area is Nature Reserve. It is home to ethnic Thai people. The peaceful life in here is contrast to life in city.

Thai people plant rice in the valley and form the landscape of terrace rice fields. They built their house on wooden stilts and well preserve their beautiful tradition. It is fantastic to have home stay tour at Pu Luong to experience how Thai ethnic people live.

Walking along the valley of Pu Luong we enjoy the landscape of endless mountain, forest sounds, water wheel made of bamboo, people weaving clothes, plant or harvest paddy, grazing water buffalo….

Food cooked by Thai people is sumptuous with traditional ingredients and planted in organic ways. Vegetables and meat are bamboo shoot, pumpkin leaf, mint leaf, corn, green and black beans, spinach, sweet potato, squad leaf, grilled pork on charcoal, grilled fish inside banana leaf… Nice and tasty rice wine drunken with bamboo rods is highly recommended to be tasted.

Traditional music and dance with bamboo poles is amazing way to have interaction between guests and the locals after your dinner when home stay here.


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