Stew pork with eggs

 Pork and egg are common food daily in Vietnam. There are several tens ways of cooking food from pork meat. In this article we are glad to introduce Stew pork with eggs. You can do it at home or order from local Vietnamese restaurant.

Ingredients for this dish include pork meat that not much fat, chicken or duck eggs, coconut juice, sugar, fish sauce, caramel, seasoning, salt and pepper. If you are familiar to spicy food, please add some chili and lemon grass. 

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You boil eggs, stew pork with fish sauce, and others for 30 mins till well-done, then ladle out the food onto the plate, then serve hot. The pork is soft and delicious with spices. 

Travel to Vietnam, normally, tourists eat food in Vietnamese restaurants, and they are served with several dishes called set menu. But when you need just a humble meal you choose a local food stall call "Com Binh Dan" or popular Vietnamese food, then you can find authentic Vietnamese daily food. 


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