Monochord of Dan Bau

 Monochord or Dan Bau, or single stringed instrument,  has long history of thousand years, and unique in the world. Dan Bau is national heritage. The instrument is performed at small party or amusement to royal events in the past. The sound of Dan Bau include long sweet smooth to high and low sad sound, for it's owned structure. 

                                                                       Photo ST Internet 

The structure of Dan Bau includes body, sound box, 1 string, rod of handle, turning key. The body is made of wood that is flat at the bottom and has oval shape on surface. One end of the string is connected with a point in the middle of sound box, and the other end with a roller. While the right hand of  artist is playing Dan Bau, the left hand control moving the handle flexibly for creating nice waving sounds. 

                                                                        Photo ST Internet 

Dan Bau may be played solo or together with traditional or modern instrument. The sound of Dan Bau is attractive, soft feeling and emotional that suits personal narrative. Nowadays there are Dan Bau that combines with electronic device that help intensify the sound. 

Travel to Vietnam you can enjoy the sound of Dan Bau at traditional shows like Water puppet, Tuong and Cheo drama, Hat Van.... 

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