Ethnic Markets in Far North Vietnam

Travel to Far North Vietnam, the immense mountainous area, you are not only attracted by spectacular landscape of mountain and valleys, lovely authentic foods, music and dances, terrace rice fields... but also interesting colorful local market gathered once a week
Ethnic groups normally gather in the market once a week, from Thursday to Sunday, depending on each district. They wake up early in the morning (3 -4:00 am) then the family including husband, wife, and their children walk to the market. They may use horse, or nowadays some use motor bike. It is so fantastic for them to see friends, relatives, and trading partners there.

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They all dress up, choose the best home tailored clothes to show them off in the market, especially the teenagers who wish to look for life partner there, so that's why there are some love markets also. While ethnic women are fond of buying and selling products, men are excited to chat and eat with friends and trade partners. Children gather in other place for chatting or help mother sell home products. Self-sufficient is particular in mountainous regions so that weekend markets are ideal places for goods exchange. The followings are prominent ones we recommend.

Bac Ha Sunday market in Lao Cai is rated as one of top 8 attractive ethnic markets in South East Asia. Can Cau market in Lao Cai is gathered on Saturday, Dao San market (Lai Chau province ) on Thursday and Sunday, Dong Van Sunday market in Hagiang, Love market of Khau Vai in Ha Giang once a year (27 Mar, Lunar Calendar), Ta Sin Thang in Dien Bien province (once every six days), Coc Pai sunday market in Ha giang, Meo Vac sunday market in Ha giang.

Vietindo Travel help you explore colorful culture of ethnic groups and wonderful landscape of Far North Vietnam.


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