Nha Rong or Rong House

Nha Rong or Communal House has spectacular architecture, where is the place for cultural gathering of Banar ethnic community. Rong House does not only help unite the villagers but also protect them from animal attack and flooding.
Rong Houses are seen in South Central Highland of Vietnam. The House function is similar to Viet's communal house in Northern Delta but Rong House is not the place for worshiping. Rong House is the place keeping village's treasures, and passing down village'codes for younger generation. It is also the place to discuss the village's affairs. Only men are allow to sleep overnight in Rong House.

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Rong House is the proud of Banar community. It is the highest building in the village with the height of 12 m, the width of 8 m, and the length of 12 m. Some Rong Houses are even 18 m high. The huge thatched roof is supported by hard timber poles. All the beams and pillars attached by strong ropes that help the House stay firmly in storm or strong wind.

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Kon Tum province in Vietnam is home to numerous Banar villages. There are 260 Rong Houses in 260 villages in the province. Banar people preserve Rong House as the village's treasure because it is the heart of community culture. Travel and home stay in Banar Community you should not miss the chance to visit Rong House.

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