Van Long water land Nature conservation

Van Long waterland nature conservation is located at Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, about 90 km from Hanoi capital. The conservation covers an area of 3,000 hectares, where is the largest water land nature reserve in Northern Vietnam.

The beauty of Van Long is marked by limestone mounts, lakes, caves, canals….some best well-known caves and grottos are  Ca, Bong, Dua, Chanh with beautiful stalactites. By the foot of Hoang Quyen mount is Ca (fish) that considered the most beautiful one. It is 250m long, home to many species of fishes such as catfish, anabas, and black fish…

Van Long water land conservation is home to varieties of fauna and flora like 457 species of plants in which 8 species are listed in the Vietnam‘s red book, and 39 species of mammals, of which 12 species are listed in the red book as well.  

It is nice to have tour 1.5 hour boat trip around Van Long. Sometimes you can see thousands of white storks here. The water of Van Long water land is like a huge mirror reflect Meo cao limestone mount. Beside the boat ride you can make cycling tour around the dyke and villages nearby, join in cooking class and have lunch in the local house, and learn rural activities of planting rice or fishing.


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