Pho Minh Pagoda in Nam Dinh province - Vietnam

Pho Minh Pagoda is situated at Tuc Mac village, Nam Dinh province, just about 90 km southward Hanoi capital. It was built during Ly dynasty but expanded in 1262 during Tran dynasty.

In 2012 the whole complex of Pho Minh pagoda was recognized as one of the top national heritage of Vietnam. The pagoda is the ritual place for high ranking mandarins and Tran royal family to worship and lead their religious life.

The Tran’s architecture remains can be seen here like 96 plinth stones engraved with lotus flowers and the two pairs of dragons in front of the altar house. Over 50 statutes from 120 are intact that reflects impressive original artistic style. One of the top 4 precious holy objects of the country, a 7-ton cauldron, is preserved in the pagoda.

The impressive Buddhist tower of Pho Minh was built in 1305 under Tran dynasty, which has 13-storey and 21 m high. It looks like a 3 level of lotus flower, symbol of Buddhist religion. Two bottom levels of the tower was constructed with stone with 5 m each side. And from the 3rd level it was built of bricks that were burnt by rice straw for several months. The tower is estimated 700 tons and relies on an area of only 30 sq meters but has stood firmly for over 700 years. The image of Pho Minh tower was printed on Vietnamese 100-note currency.


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