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Presidential Palace in Hanoi is the working place for the President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The building is situated inside President Ho Chi Minh’s complex, beside Ba Dinh Square and Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. It is the place we welcome Presidents from foreign countries.

Formerly, it was built for French Governor of Indochina and completed in 1906. The construction consists of 30 rooms in different designs. The building is one of the largest French Colonial constructions in Hanoi. It was said that the building was constructed by Auguste Henri Vildieu, the official French architect for French Indochina.


During 1954 -1969 President Ho Chi Minh received over 1000 domestic and international groups of guests. He did not live in the Palace but in a traditional Vietnamese stilt house overlooking to carp pond. The palace hosts meetings, not open to the public but you can go inside the garden, walk around and take photo of it from distance.


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