Visit Cat Cat village in Sapa town – Lao Cai province- Vietnam

Cat Cat village is situated in a nice valley with terrace rice field,just 2 km from Sapa town. The village is home to Black H’mong ethnic people, who still remain unique customs and practices.

Visitors have opportunity to enjoy beautiful picture of the valley and village such as yellow or green rice field, colorful brocade made by women. They use indigo leaves to dye clothes, then embroider lovely motifs. They also use wax to draw on the cloth to make the color more durable.

In addition they also master their owned technique of making silver jewelry. We can stop and look into their house for a visit and chatting with them. We are attracted by the custom of Pulling Wife in this community. A man can ask his friends to lure a girl he likes and bring her to his house for a stay of 3 days. During this time, if the girl agrees to become the boy’s wife, of cause a wedding would be held shortly after that. However, the girl can go home freely after 3 days if she doesn’t like the boy.

The house of the H’mong is one storey with 3 compartments and doors. The door in the middle is opened when the host holds an important family event. The house is built with pine wood panels including walls and roof. Walking around Cat Cat village is good value tour in Sapa town.


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