Making toy figurines from rice powder in outskirt Hanoi

A village named Xuan La in Hanoi where people still remain traditional job of making To He (or toy figurine) from rice powder.

Children love the toy figurines those are made from sticky rice powder, sugar, and food coloring. Few decades ago when there were not many choices from buying toys in local shops, our kids feel so excited with toy figurines as the gift given by their parents. 

Figurines may be a colorful flower, buffalo, rooster, respectful hero, pig, Aladdin, Doremon, monkey King, pigsy, and dragon fly….

History of making figurine in Xuan La village has been over 300 years. Craft men in Xuan La often travel from village to village and cities to sell these toys. They sit in the market or crowded areas like the lake, city parks to create figurines and sell them right away upon the audient’s request.

Nowadays you can see them making figurines by Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi city at the weekend. You can join and learn how to make it instead of travel far to their village like before. It is a beautiful aspect of authentic culture in Vietnam.


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