A Palace Where Vietnam Soul Still Lives

 Only when you step in this Realm and begin to walk and merge into things that are visible here can you sense the wonder and profoundness of the Viet’s millennial life and culture.

It is a marvel that Thanh Chuong did not place all the priceless cultural relics in the same spot as people often do in most museums. 

Instead, he said them in a space, a natural environment and an installation artwork just like the life and culture of people a thousand years ago.

Things we contemplate or touch with our own hands as we do with our household objects are now returning to their ancient life.

To be more precise, the artist tried to revitalize the antiquities that date from hundred or thousand years and make them seemingly exhale life’s fresh, new and warm breath. 

There lie the marvelous of Thanh Chuong Viet Palace and the great talent and thoughts of its owner, artist Thanh Chuong.

-        Việt Phủ Thành Chương


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