The Sunday market of Bac Ha is held on every sunday right in the center of Bac Ha district town. Bac Ha town is 65 km from Lao Cai city, 100 km from Sapa tourist town so that you should combine tour Sapa and Bac Ha at the weekend.

Sunday market of Bac Ha is not only the occasion for the ethnic groups exchange goods but the nice time for friend and relatives meeting after one week staying apart.

Bac Ha market is the largest local market in North West Vietnam. Local people and tourists can find so many things here such as sovernirs, clothing, animals, food, local farm products, home made wine...

It is colorful market filled with traditional dresses from different ethnic groups. The market is also the  meeting place for young boys and girls, then may become couple even husband and wife. Bac Ha local market is must-visit place when you wish to discover cultute of H'mong ethnic people.

The market is comleted by 12 noon, then people go home and gather in coming sunday. If you stay one night in Bac Ha town you should take 2 hour walk to visit Ban Pho village where is home to H'mong people. Take photo of beautiful mountain village and make interaction with the locals.

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