Pu Vap (Muong Lay – Dien Bien) is situated at the elevation of 1,100 m above the sea level, stretching along narrow valley encircled Da river, Nam Na river, and Nam Lay stream. Pu Vap is completely able to become one of the best mountain resorts in Vietnam.

According to Thai ethnic people, Pu Vap means the highest mount in the West. It is surrounded by high mountain and river. This point is ideal place for viewing surrounding mountain landscape, especially when the sun rises. Once, in 1948, Pu Vap was settled by French as a summer resort for French army officers to stay away from humid days in low land.

The remaining vestiges of the mountain resort are 2 ruin buildings, one km apart from each other. It was said that there used to be a military airport stayed between 2 these buildings. Rarely can be found a place like Pu Vap in North West Vietnam, where we enjoy wonderful surrounding scenery and cool air as well as typical local culture of ethnic groups like Thai and H’Mong. Visit Pu Vap help you enjoy your life in peaceful atmosphere, mingle with charming nature, and can put all worries behind.

Along the trail leading to Pu Vap PEAK, we will move through 2 H’mong hamlets that belong to Nam Can village. People here are so friendly and welcome you with great hospitality. The culture is remain intact that reflects on their beautiful costumes.

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