Hue city is located in central Vietnam, about 700 km south ward Hanoi. Hue was listed one of World Cultural Heritage in 1993, the first one in Vietnam. The city was capital of Vietnam from 1802 - 1945 under the rule of 13 Kings, during Nguyen Dynasty, the last feudal regime in this country.

It took 27 years to finish the construction of Citadel city. Hue Imperial City was planned on the Northern bank of the Perfume River, faces the south, with a area of 520 hectares. Citadel, buildings inside, and the Forbidden City overlook to the south. This means (Feng shui ) the preferable seat for the King to rule the whole country smoothly.

Circumference of Hue citadel is nearly 10 km, 6.6 m high, and 21 m thick placed by  cannons on it. The citadel was surrounded by deep moats and canals that not only defend the city but also good for water transportation.

Inside the Citadel are houses for city people and the officials. The most important part is in the Imperial city where the king and his royal family live and work. Imperial city was built in 1804, completed during the time of King Minh Mang in 1833. There are more than 100 constructions inside. The Imperial city has four gates including main gate name Ngo Mon heading to the South.  Ngo Mon. Inside is Thai Hoa Palace, where the enthrone and conduct official meetings; area of the shrines; and Forbidden purple City - where the king work and rest.

Besides fancy imperial city the Nguyen Kings also took years to find and built large tomb complex as the  final resting place for them. The construction of each tomb is very meticulous and built while the king alive. There are 8 royal tombs in Hue.

You need at least 2 days to explore Hue city. You can take flights or night train or buses from both Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city to get there. Quite easy. Highlights for visit are Citadel and forbidden purple city, Tombs of Tu Duc, Minh Mang, and Khai Dinh, Tiger fighting arena, Nine Dynastic Urns, Thai Hoa (Palace of Supreme Harmony) Palace, Ngo Mon Gate, Hue Garden houses in outskirt, Thien Mu pagoda, Cruise along Perfume river and enjoy royal music...


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