Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn South Vietnam Holidays. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn South Vietnam Holidays. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng


 According to magazine Travel + Leisure, 5 places in Vietnam have been chosen as top 10 in South East Asia. Top 3 cities are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, and Danang city. Islands Con Dao and Phu Quoc are recognized as top attractive islands in the region.

The ranking event is not only bringing the proud for Vietnam but promoting country's tourism also. 



 The event of Cai Rang floating market festival will be taken place on 9 Jul 2022 in Can tho province Vietnam. The event activities include introduce of tropical fruits and flowers, dragon boat racing, collecting rubbish on river.

                                                                      Photo Duy Khoi

The event help promote tourism not only in Can tho city but also in the vast area of Mekong Delta in Vietnam. 

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Do you know the best beaches in Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen, Vietnam. There are attractive beaches in South central Vietnam. Phu Yen is considered as the charming girl sleeping by the edge of Vietnam's Eastern Sea. 

If you choose beach holiday in summer you should mark Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen where has soft sand beach with gentle sea waves. 

One of very nice resorts is Sao Mai resort that is closed to Tuy Hoa city where has it's owned clean beach. Come and experience Sao Mai resort for lovely beach holiday in Vietnam. It is complex of villas and outdoor pool with green palm garden. 



 Thanh Luong pagoda is in Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. The famous pagoda is 10 km away from Tuy Hoa city. In 2004, the local discovered an wooden statute of Goddess of Mercy drifting on the sea nearby. They picked up and arranged a solemn procession to worship her in the pagoda.

The pagoda is built of brick, coco shells, snail shells. It is consisted of 3 part: main pagoda, Goddess of Mercy temple, Water Dragon Lake



 Nhan brick tower is situated by northern bank of Da Rang river, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province - 1200 km from Hanoi. This mystery tower was name Nhan, for it's place is gathered by lots of Nhan (swallow) 

The brick tower was built in the late 11th century, restored during 1960s. It is 25 m high, and can be seen from distance for it stay on a mountain. Nhan tower is not only place for Champa's spiritual activities but also important events in Tuy Hoa city.

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 Tuy Hoa beach is soft golden sand beach stretching over 10 km long in the front of Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province. Nice to seat and swim by the beach in morning to watch sunrise. You can take flight from Hanoi/ Saigon to Tuy Hoa city - Phu Yen.

Lovely Beach of Tuy Hoa (Photo Internet)


Assembly Hall of Cantonese Chinese Congregation

 Assembly Hall of Cantonese Chinese Congregation or Hội Quán Quảng Đông in Vietnamese is situated at 176 Tran Phu street, near Japanese covered Bridge. The Hall was built in 1855 by Cantonese community coming from China and doing business in Hoian. 

Photo ST

The Hall was restore in 1915 and again in 1990. The main construction, in the middle compartment, is used to worship Quan Cong - a famous General who lived in 3rd century in China, who is respected by 5 noble characters that real and success traders must follow. On 2 other sides are altars of Saints.

The Hall is ornamented colorfully and attractively by motifs of dragon, phoenix, jade glazed ceramics, paintings...Many ancient objects still remain inside including 4 horizontal lacquered boards, incense burner with the height of 1.6m high and 0.6m wide.

                                                                                   Photo ST

Annual ceremony praying for peace and lucks is taken place at the Hall on 15th day of January, Lunar Calendar. If you attend the Temple this day you you learn lots of cultural features of Chinese Community in Hoian.  


Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoian

 Four hundred years ago, 17th century, Japanese community in Hoian town, Quang Nam province built the roofed bridge across Hoai river connecting with Thu Bon river. Later on they built a pagoda on  northern side so that it was call Pagoda bridge.

Photo - Zing news

It has been maintained over 6 times but the architecture is still intact as the beginning with Japanese influence. The wooden bridge under the tiled roof is fixed by wooden panels. Statutes of dogs and monkeys are placed on two ends of the bridge may mean that the bridge was built in the year of monkey and fined in the year of dog, or just they are beloved animals in Japanese culture. 

The Saint in pagoda protect sailors when they are on long journey of trading to Vietnam. Legendary, the construction of Japanese Pagoda Bridge is like an obstacle to control the harm from sea monster, and bring happiness and peace to the locals and traders.  



Lighthouse of Ke ga

 Khe Ga Light house also called Ke Ga Light house, is away from Phan Thiet city about 30 km to the south. This designation due to the fact that the light house is located on a headland protruding out to the coast about 500m - like the head of a chicken.

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Khe Ga light house was built from 1897 to 1899, designed by French architect Chnavat, and is made entirely by marble materials with 65 m height above the sea. The light house is considered as one of the oldest and highest lighthouses in Vietnam and South east Asia. The 2000w lamp on the lighthouse is the construction signal for shipping.

                                                                              Photo internet

At night, the lamp lights up to 22 knots. Below is a square house with each side of 40 m, and 3 m deep of system water to serve for those guarding the tower. There are 184 steel spiral stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse. Today the Lighthouse is not only an unique architectural monument but also combined with Khe Ga island to form a stunning attraction for tourists.   

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Dalat city is capital of Lam Dong province, around 300 km from Ho Chi Minh city in the South Vietnam. Dalat is famous for city of flowers, destination for honeymooners, waterfalls, French colonial villas, lakes, and valley.
Dalat was found by Dr Alexandre Yersin in 1893. He was trying to find somewhere cool to escape from hot and humid days in summer in lowland. The highest mountain peak in Dalat is Langbian, almost 2400 meter above sea level. From the peak we enjoy stunning view of Dalat landscape. Soon after the discovery of Dalat, dozens of luxury hotels, tenis and golf courses were built.

Located at the elevation of over 1000 meter, Dalat cool all year round so that hotels in here not necessary equipped with AC. The city is admired as little Paris. There are also 43 Calthonic Churches in the city. Dalat and surroundings are home to 20 ethnic groups like K’ho, Ede, M’nong, Giarai, Ma, Viet…
Tourist attractions in Dalat are Xuan Huong lake, former Emperior Bao Dai villas, Dalat market, Langbiang Mount, Camly Waterfall, PrennFalls, City flower garden.



Come to visit Danang city you should not miss to check-in at Dragon Bridge, Love lock bridge, and enjoy coco-coffee by Bach Dang road overlooking to the river.

Danang is famous for beach holiday. From this city you can go around to explore world Heritage sites like ancient town of Hoian, Hue citadel city, and My Son Holly land in Quang Nam province.

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Bana Hill is 25 km from Danang city, situated on the elevation of 1487 m above the sea level. It is famous hill resort in central Part of Vietnam. People get there by bus then cable car to reach the top.

Bana Hill is former French summer resort from early 20th century but has been extended and built since 2006. This is not only a luxury resort but also looks like a replica of a village in Europe.

We can get nice view of Danang Bay from the top of Bana hill.


Dalat Market

Dalat market is one of the most colorful and lively markets in the country. There are hundreds of flower, fruit, and vegetable shops allocated here.

The market was built in 1929 but rebuilt and expended in 1960. The market is famous for dry fruits, teas, and flowers. The traffic is closed in the evening so you can access the night market here to buy souvenirs and clothing. #VietnamDiscovery



Ben Tre province is located in Mekong Delta. It is popular for coco nut cultivating area.
Ben Tre is 85 km from Ho Chi Minh city. The province is lied between 2 branches of Mekong river, and borders with Tien Giang and Trà Vinh provinces.

Ben Tre has rich resource for eco tourism. Enjoy landscape of coco nut forest, cruise along Mekong river by motor boat and sampan, walking in orchard garden and taste seasonal fruits, home stay in the local house, learn rural activities with the farmers…

Ben Tre is also famous for handcrafts, candy and sweets made from coco nut trees like tea cup and pot, kitchen utensils, masks, spoon, scoop, other souvenirs. The province processes the vast area of criss-crossed canals so it is quite interesting to have couple of boat ride along canals under thick coco nut plants through different villages.




Phu Quoc is famous for beach tourism in Southern Vietnam. The island is 45 km from Ha Tien town, Kien Giang province. You can take a flight from Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh city, or Hanoi to Phu Quoc.

Total area of Phu Quoc is about 589 sq km that is similar to Singapore’s. Besides green forest and mountain Phu Quoc is dotted by so beautiful beaches which are clean with white soft sand and gentle waves.

The tour activities in Phu Quoc are swimming, relax, cycling, kayaking…Phu Quoc is considered as the Pearl of Southern sea for it’s beach beauty. Normally we need 3-4 days to relax and tour in Phu Quoc Island

Some of the best Resorts in Phú Quốc are Bauhinia – My Place Siena Garden – Phú Vân Resort – Novotel – Tropicana – Sea Sand Phú Quốc – Eden Resort Phu Quoc – Saigon Phu Quoc – Faminia Resort – The shells Phu Quoc resort.


Trekking to Lang Biang mountain in Dalat

It is an outdoor activity that is quite interesting when you visit Dalat, the city of Spring and thousands of flower species. The mountain is 12 km from Dalat city center.


Two peaks of the Langbiang are 2167 m and 2287 m above sea level on Lam Vien Highland. The name of Langbiang was derived from a love story of  K'Lang and Ho Biang. From the top of the Langbiang you can get beautiful panoramic view of Landscape of Dalat.

Source: Internet

Activities are camping, explore natural flora, bird watching, trekking. It takes you 3 hours trekking to the top through pine forest. If you use jeep you need only 15 minutes to reach the peak. There are restaurants and coffee shops there.

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Ho Chi Minh city ( former name is Saigon derived from 1698) is the biggest tourism and economy center in Vietnam. Once it was called the Pearl of Far East. The city is 1,690 km south of Hanoi. Former name of Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh city in 1976, after Vietnam get the unification in 1975. Ho Chi Minh is the first president of Vietnam, from 1945. North and South Vietnam was separated from 1954 - 1975.

There are two distinct seasons in here. The rainy season is from May to Nov, and dry season lasts from Dec till April. The average temperature is 27.5o C. The city consists of 19 urban districts and 5 rural districts. Hundreds of rivers and canals cross HCM city. The Saigon river embraces the city with the length of 106 km. By the time of saying the city population is around 10 millions, the most populated city in Vietnam.

Nowadays HCM city is not only biggest city but has biggest GDP in Vietnam also. The city central Government has developed many new urban areas in order to meet rapidly increased housing need during the past ten years. City's Infrastructure is being improved and modern so can attracts foreign investment. The most expensive properties are in District 1. The city has Tan Son Nhat international airport and International Saigon River Port. The city metro now, 2016, under construction, to be completed around 2019.

There are many flights a day from Hanoi and Danang cities to HMC, done by Vietnam airlines, viet jet air, and jetstar pacific. You can get there by bus, train from all cities in Vietnam. Best tourist attractions in HCM city are Unification palace, Cu Chi historical tunnels, Dam Sen Park, Suoi Tien tourist site, Notre Dame Cathedral, City central Post Office, Town Hall, War Remnants Museum, Ben Thanh Market, Cho Lon Market, Betel Garden, Can Gio - Vam Sat Mangrove Forest, Binh Quoi tourist village, Vinh Nghiem pagoda, Van Hanh Monastery, Giac Vien Pagoda, Giac Lam pagoda, Xa loi pagoda, Municipal Theater.


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