Hue Court Music

 Hue Court Music has been popular in Vietnam for a long time, since early 19th century, under Nguyen Dynasty. It is a treasure of Vietnamese Culture. On November 7, 2003 Hue Court Music was recognized as World intangible Heritage. Hue Court Music is called Nha Nhac in Vietnamese.  

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UNESCO appraised Hue Court Music in the following terms: It represents an elegant and refined music. It deals with the music performed in the imperial courts and on different anniversaries, religious festivals, and also on such particular occasions. 

Actually, the Court Music was applied since 13 century, but the art was renovated and got the peak improvement during Nguyen Dynasty in Hue capital city so that we call Nha Nhac Hue or Hue Court Music. 

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According to old document there are 12 different ceremonies with particular music styles and instruments. There are six groups of music instruments, of which there are over hundred traditional music instruments. Nowadays, Hue Music Academy is the place preserves and teaches Hue Court Music. 

In fact, Hue Court Music was introduce to the world from 1950s by Vietnamese musician like Mr. Tran Van Khe, Mr. Nguyen Huu Ba. It is fantastic to have chance to enjoy Hue Court Music when you visit Hue city, especially at right time of festivals. Vietnamese people are proud of this UNESCO Heritage. 

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