Lighthouse of Ke ga

 Khe Ga Light house also called Ke Ga Light house, is away from Phan Thiet city about 30 km to the south. This designation due to the fact that the light house is located on a headland protruding out to the coast about 500m - like the head of a chicken.

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Khe Ga light house was built from 1897 to 1899, designed by French architect Chnavat, and is made entirely by marble materials with 65 m height above the sea. The light house is considered as one of the oldest and highest lighthouses in Vietnam and South east Asia. The 2000w lamp on the lighthouse is the construction signal for shipping.

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At night, the lamp lights up to 22 knots. Below is a square house with each side of 40 m, and 3 m deep of system water to serve for those guarding the tower. There are 184 steel spiral stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse. Today the Lighthouse is not only an unique architectural monument but also combined with Khe Ga island to form a stunning attraction for tourists.   

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