Dong Xuan market is situated in the mid-Old Quarter Hanoi. It is the largest market among 10 ones in the capital city such as Mo, Hom, Cua Nam, and Ngoc Ha....Dong Xuan market was founded in 1889. It used to be an open-air market but later was rebuilt with five iron arches and the roof made of zinc-coated iron sheets. Dong Xuan covers an area of 6500 sqm. 

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Dong Xuan is for wholesale and retail market Favorited by people in Hanoi and in Northern Vietnam. People can find essential goods such as clothing, fabric, shoes, dried food, hats, souvenirs... Today it is one of the best attractive shopping places for domestic and international tourists. It opens from 7:00AM to 5:00PM everyday. 

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Very closed to Dong Xuan market there are some nice places to visit such as old Long Bien bridge built by French, Masjid Al Noor Hanoi, street food place, electrical car stop by the entrance, Quan Thanh Park and old water tower. 

At the weekend, Friday to Sunday night, an open air night market gathered with the length of 400 meters from Hoan Kiem Lake to Dong Xuan market. Nice to come and buy souvenirs and t-shirts made in Vietnam

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